Private Spa

Private spa - undisturbed, alone, as a couple or with family and friends.


Experience your very own private wellness oasis and reserve the private SPA for you every day upon prior reservation. In our private spa we offer you pure privacy with a steam bath and a Finnish combination sauna with infrared - enjoy and recover. Enjoy and relax.

Finnish sauna / infrared

The classic type of sauna bathing is sweaty, exciting and, above all, hot. Infrared heat, on the other hand, is gentle and has a local effect. Infrared heat treatment is referred to as a deep heat effect. Our muscles in particular absorb the infrared rays particularly well, resulting in a very effective improvement in blood circulation.

Aroma steam bath

The steam bath helps with inflammatory skin diseases. The gentle steam pampers the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract. Cold symptoms, hoarseness and inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and frontal sinuses are alleviated. Switching from hot steam to a cold shower strengthens the immune system.