You will find pure relaxation in our Macun Wellness. Macun means Capricorn in Romansh. Fine mountain herbs and fresh Samnaun water not only nourish the ibexes in the Silvretta Arena Samnaun/Ischgl, they also give our wellness area a delicately aromatic and fresh touch.

Our wellness oasis has a Finnish oak sauna, a mountain herb pine sauna, an aroma steam bath, experience showers, infrared armchairs, foot bath and a relaxation area with comfortable heated loungers - just switch off, relax and dream!

Finnish oak sauna

In the Finnish sauna you sweat at high temperatures, but only at low humidity. The automatic infusion every 20 minutes increases the air humidity for a short time and allows you to feel a subjective rise in temperature. Heart and circulation really get going, the immune system is strengthened, and the skin is better supplied with blood. However, strong cooling measures are always part of it - for example a cold shower.  

Aroma steam bath

The Romans (caldarium) and Turks (hamam) were already familiar with the healing and relaxing effects of steam. In our aroma steam bath, the temperature is 40-50°C combined with a humidity of up to 100%. The blood circulation in the skin is stimulated, the pores and blood vessels dilate, toxins are released. Inflammations also subside more quickly and the respiratory tract is cleaned. 

Mountain herbal stone pine sauna

Feel the power of the herbs and let the soothing scent work on your body and mind. In our mountain herb pine sauna you can enjoy invigorating aromas at a pleasant 50-60°C - dried herbs and blossoms are automatically steamed, releasing their wonderful fragrance and relaxing effect. It smells like the forests and meadows of the Samnauntal. 


According to Sebastian Kneipp (1821 to 1897), actively prevent and find healing. A cold footbath gets the circulation going again after a short time and helps with tired and swollen legs after a challenging day of summer or winter sports, and also relieves varicose veins and sleep disorders. Warm footbaths warm up the whole body and also promote blood circulation mucous membranes. 

Infrared chair

On our infrared armchairs you will experience pleasant heat that is gentle on the circulatory system. The heat, unlike in the sauna, is not generated by hot room air, but by infrared rays. It has a deeper and more intense effect without putting a strain on the circulatory system. Infrared is particularly effective for relieving tension, serves to relax and reduce stress, promotes general well-being and increases vitality.


Hot, cold, hot cold. After the alternating baths, give your body the rest it needs. In the alpine designed relaxation room you can close your eyes, relax and unwind. Let yourself fall into our ergonomic, upholstered and adjustable Physiotherm® loungers, set the temperature of the back area individually for you in four levels and experience heavenly feelings.